It seems like I've been sitting on a book for a long time now. The first book did took 3 years to complete, but "Dragonfly" was created in only a few months. I'm really excited about the ideas I have, and the beginning stages of some of the other works I've begun. 

But lately, I'm really lacking in motivation. And failing mostly in self-motivation...


The big blizzard of 2016 (so far) has shut us in, so I'm catching up on my website and updating a lot of information for you! 


This is text, straight from a recent Facebook post, about the upcoming release of When You See A Dragonfly

For our anniversary this year, I wrote Jacqui a book, a story about a girl and her Nana. On December 11th, 6 years ago, we lost Sue after a brave battle against cancer. Jacqui feels it is important to share this story; it truly is a blessing from God that we want to share with all of you. The new book, "When You See A Dragonfly," will be available soon. This is the imprint of the story...

So what's next? How will we keep the children's book momentum going?

The inspiration from Pig and Penguin actually comes from my daughter, Sophia, and her friend, Grace. Sophia's favorite animal is the pig, and Grace loves penguins. Over the years, Sophia and Grace have become very close, and I thought about how interesting it was that even though they are both very different people, they have this connection that has brought them together as good friends. What could be more opposite than pigs and penguins, right?

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When You See A Dragonfly

When You See A Dragonfly, the new book, will be available soon on and through the eStore on!