When You See A Dragonfly - Print Edition, ebook

A story about a girl and her Nana, When You See A Dragonfly illustrates the unique connection between grandparents and their grandchildren. In the story, the girl loves to spend time with her Nana, but when she is away from her, Nana reminds the child that "Even though you can't see me, With you I will be, When you see a dragonfly, You'll think of me." 

Pig and Penguin's Party Planning Problems - Print Edition

Pig and Penguin are pals that want to have a party for their friends. But when Pig wants to host a proper luncheon, Penguin protests and insists on a pirate-themed party. The competition is on, but who will throw the best party ever? Creative alliteration and colorful illustrations tell the story of Pig and Penguin, and how friendship ultimately overcomes their differences.

Pig and Penguin's Party Planning Problems - ebook

The ebook release of Pig and Penguin's Party Planning Problems is now available in the Kindle Store on Amazon.com.


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When You See A Dragonfly

When You See A Dragonfly, the new book, will be available soon on Amazon.com and through the eStore on Createpsace.com!