Keep the momentum going!

This week brought exciting news with the Print Edition of Pig and Penguin finally being available for order through and  I was also featured in an article at and booked a tv spot on Good Day PA, a local news magazine that airs after the 12:00pm news on abc27. I'm so happy that the book is being well received. My sister-in-law, Jen, has done some serious leg work to get the book promoted and I am so grateful for her help! Here's to hoping that the book continues to make its way out there, and that many people will be able to enjoy Pig and Penguin.

So what's next? How will we keep the children's book momentum going? Social media has played, and will continue to play, an important role in promoting these stories. I'm so thankful for the shares on Facebook and for great friends and family that are helping to get the word out about the book. 

I've already begun working on two other books. One of the two books falls in line with the alliteration of Pig and Penguin, with a focus on "t" words. The other, a surprise that I can't reveal until later. I have been considering a Pig and Penguin sequel, maybe even a holiday book. Once the ball was rolling, I knew that the ideas would flourish. It really does bring joy to think that I've accomplished the completion of the book, and that there are others on the way. So thankful for continued support and inspiration all around - thank you!

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