Why Pig and Penguin?

The inspiration from Pig and Penguin actually comes from my daughter, Sophia, and her friend, Grace. Sophia's favorite animal is the pig, and Grace loves penguins. Over the years, Sophia and Grace have become very close, and I thought about how interesting it was that even though they are both very different people, they have this connection that has brought them together as good friends. What could be more opposite than pigs and penguins, right? The story actually started off comparing how different the two friends were (environment, food, etc.) and how even though they lived and enjoyed things that were not the same, the two were still close. Then I noticed the "p" words, pig and penguin, and began to play on the alliteration. A couple of drafts later and Pig and Penguin's Party Planning Problems was created.

Sketching, or drawing for that matter, was never a strong point for me. I enjoyed doodling and making funny little art pieces through the years, but never thought about illustrating a book. Sure your friends and family will say that they love what you do, that your little animals are cute and so forth, but I didn't really see anything more than fun with pencil and paper.  I decided to give it a shot though, and found that I came up with some fun critters that seemed to fit the personalities of the story. With a little help from a professional artist, the illustrations started to come to life, and the book was complete. I'm so thankful for the help I've received, and am very proud of the work in it's completion.

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